Rearing Pond Trail Project

We hope you are all enjoying the nice fall weather in the Lakes Area!

This letter is regarding the Rearing Pond Trails project that has been discussed in the Lakeshore News. We wanted to give you all a progress report:

  • We are just under the $100,000 fund raising goal for the project!
  • A check has been sent to the DNR to purchase the property.
  • The Property will be owned by the Otter Tail Water Management District.
  • An agreement has been drawn up between OTLPOA and the Otter Tail Water Management District that will ensure that the property will be kept in a state of conservancy and left open to the public. A declaration of covenants and restrictions has been completed that will be filed along with the deed at Otter Tail County.
  • New Rearing Pond Trails signs have been designed and ordered.
  • A property dedication will take place in the spring of 2021.
  • Any excess donations will be used to establish a fund for maintenance and improvements to the Trails. Per our legal agreement these funds will be held by the Water Management District.


If you would still like to donate see attached Fact Sheet. Or click on the West Central Initiative Website below:

Donate via credit card online:

In case you missed the articles on the Rearing Pond Trails or for further information you can:

  • Refer to the August 2019 Lakeshore News: Pages 2 and 7
  • See the attached Fact Sheet Below
  • Click on the link below to see a short video of the project:


Why is OTLPOA involved?

  • We want to ensure this beautiful property is not developed and is left in a state of conservancy for future generations to enjoy.
  • It sits between two member lakes of OTLPOA. (Blanche Lake and Otter Tail.)
  • This type of activity falls within the OTLPOA Mission Statement or “Purpose” as stated in our Article of Incorporation.
  • It’s the right thing to do!


No OTLPOA membership dues or Foundation funds were used to purchase the Rearing Pond Property.

Thank you to all the members of the Rearing Pond Committee for all their hard work related to this project! We all thank you all for your support and we hope everyone will enjoy the Rearing Pond Trails with your families for many years to come!

Roger Anderson
President OTLPOA
Cell: 651-301-3616

Rob Bope
Rearing Pond Committee Chair
Phone: 612-889-8771

Rearing Pond Committee Members:

Rob Bope
Steve Nelson
Nancy Johnson
Rebecca Petersen
Roger Anderson
Scott Simdorn
Ken Wentz
Fred Rizk
Becky Kemling
Lynn Cave
Tom Gedde
Debbie Ness


Committee Chair/OTLPOA
Blanche Lake
Water Management District
West Central Initiative

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